Midwex offers an offshore solution for drive-test log file analysis bringing a significant efficiency gain. Report generation is approximately 30%-50% less compared with manual data processing methods and the time for cluster optimization is reduced from about 3-4 hours down to 1 to 1.5 hours, for an estimated 30-50% time savings:





  • Customer collects the drive-test data and uploads the log files into a centralized FTP-server
  • Our teams analyze the logs according to the customer criteria
  • We ensure that drive-test data is received and processed within 24 hours
  • Voice and packet drive results are compared to the previous drive test results (if applicable);
  • Call events (RF setup failure, blocks and drops) are compared to previous drive test results (if applicable)
  • Drive routes are verified with voice and PD plots
  • If an issue is identified from the preliminary analysis, a trouble-ticket is opened for further review
  • RF Teams and/or Tier 2 Technical Support review tickets
  • Issues requiring clarification are forwarded to the operator for additional analysis