Midwex and ECA Ethiopia Join Forces

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of a robust partnership between Midwex and the The Ministry of Innovation and Technology in Ethiopia (MinT). This strategic alliance is geared towards the acquisition and implementation of a sophisticated Quality-of-Service Monitoring System, designed to meticulously oversee the quality of service and performance of mobile networks via the The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA). At Midwex, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner, adept at effectively managing technical and operational challenges through cost-effective and fully-customized solutions. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our strategic alliances with industry leaders, enabling us to deliver cost-saving benefits to our esteemed clients.

Midwex in Zambia

We are delighted to officially commence collaboration with the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) for the provisioning, delivery, installation, configuration, testing, and commissioning of Normadic Units Solution, Network Performance Solution, and Mobile Drive Solution as part of the Quality of Service Equipment initiative. Our organization highly values the partnership with ZICTA and is dedicated to delivering top-notch services for this significant assignment, ensuring the highest quality throughout the project.

QoS NCC Nigeria

Kaabo si Nigeria! It is with proud enthusiasm that we announce our recent project with the Nigerian Communications Commission . Midwex has been selected to deploy a quality-of-service monitoring platform based on Nemo Network Benchmarking Solution. NBM has a unique distributed, modular and fully scalable architecture. One measurement setup can be extended to include up to 48 simultaneous measurement phones and two network scanners. The system we will commission in Nigeria will measure real consumer QoE (voice POLQA3, Data, Streaming, OTTs …) for Airtel Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, 9 Mobile and Glo Nigeria simultaneously.

MTN Rwanda – Network Synchronization

Network Synchronization is one of the most critical aspects of a mobile network. The global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), can be impacted by physical interference. The increased stringency of synchronization requirements is being driven by faster speeds and lower latency. It is more than ever vital to deploy Grandmaster appliances based on Precision Time Protocol (PTP). Today, we received an order from MTN Rwanda for the modernization of their end-to-end synchronization platform based on OSA 3230B Cesium Clock Source and OSA 5422 Compact PTP grandmaster, the Synchronization “Swiss Knife” from our partner Oscilloquartz. Thank you MTN for your continuous trust. Karibu kwetu nchini

Sudan Traffic Moniroring

We are thrilled to announce a 4-years engagement in with TPRA Sudan (Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority) covering the following use cases:

  • National and International traffic monitoring (including Roaming)
  • Real time Quality of Experience monitoring
  • Service Rating Scoring for all service providers
  • Market Intelligence Reporting
  • Bill Dispute Management
  • Cyber Security Analytics

Alliance with ARPTC DRC

We are pleased to announce the initiation of a profound collaboration between our esteemed organization and the Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Télécommunications du Congo (ARPTC DRC). This partnership aims to deploy an automated system for monitoring the quality of service and performance of mobile networks including user training. This endeavor underscores our commitment to establishing a robust and enduring relationship with ARPTC DRC, as we pledge to deliver unparalleled services of the utmost quality throughout the entirety of this significant assignment.

QoS Benchmarking Vanuatu

Vanuatu, a sightseeing spot in the South-Pacific Ocean and one of the scarce corona-virus-free lands on earth, have been hosting our team since February 2020. Our assignment was to perform a benchmarking campaign across 16 islands then submit all the requested reports to the Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR). This was an incredible experience for Midwex as we had to adapt and adjust to various environments and unpredictable weather conditions. From testing on a speed-boat, to leasing a fuel based generator for electricity, we did everything possible to meet the deadlines and satisfy our customer. Due to travel restrictions, the engineers had to stay in Vanuatu but they are safer than the rest of us … STAY SAFE, STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES

Growth Award for Midwex

June 2019, Partner Executive Forum, Italy

Our Managing Director, Khalil Amiroune, was honored with receiving the Channel Partner Growth Award on behalf of Midwex, for an Outstanding Distribution Business Growth with Keysight Technologies. This award is dedicated to Ayoub Elhaddouj, Emmanuel Owusu-Larbi and the rest of the team. Special Thanks to Bruno Poisson, Benoit Neel, Graham Kemp and Shaun Desmond.


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